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A Flavorful Resource for the Food & Beverage Industry

In December 2020, National Flavors welcomed Bonnie Don Flavours to The Riverside Flavor platform, combining our capabilities to expand flavor solutions to North American customers.

Part of our joint mission is to continue sharing market and consumer insights that showcase the products, flavors, and ingredients resonating with consumers. We also want to highlight changes in the regulatory landscape that affect food & beverage providers and showcase team news relevant to you.

Our goal is straightforward: to help you respond to the evolving needs of your customers.

We hope that FlavorVision fuels your creativity and supports your growth plans!

Navigating to a Fast Finish with Organic Launches

The National Flavors and Bonnie & Don Flavours teams co-hosted a webinar on February 16 designed to provide a game plan for launching organic foods & beverages in North America.

Our panel of experts included:

Gwen Buffinga

Regulatory Manager for National Flavors

Csilla Goldsmith

Regulatory Coordinator for Bonnie & Don

Rebecca Davis

Flavor Scientist

Sandra Wilson

Technical Services Manager with Bonnie & Don

Ken Halnan

Director of Marketing and Business Development at Bonnie & Don

Lisa Jackson

Director of Marketing at National Flavors

During the roundtable discussion, we noted that consumer interest in organic foods & beverages is on the rise.


2020 sales of organic foods and beverages grew +14 percent in the U.S. and +8 percent in Canada, generating almost $65 billion.


Health and environmental concerns contribute to increasing demand, and manufacturers are responding with broader assortments across more categories.


And for many consumers, purchasing an organic product reflects the level of trust they have in the certification process.

Building consumer trust in your organic products requires an understanding of and compliance with regulations.


Our regulatory team reviewed the U.S. and Canada regulations, noting recent changes in the U.S. that now require manufacturers to use certified organic flavors when commercially available.


Canada’s rules state that at least 95 percent of ingredients in an organic product are certified organic.

And since we know taste drives repeat purchase, our flavor experts answered questions about how to deliver delicious taste experiences while complying with organic certifying bodies’ regulations. They also shared insights about how to source certified organic flavors and outlined the circumstances in which you can file a non-availability claim.

To learn more, watch the recording of the roundtable here. If you have questions about regulations, labeling, or flavors for organic foods & beverages, contact our U.S. or Canadian teams.

Your Game Plan for Mastering Organic Launches

Regulatory News

Senate Bill Proposes a Change to ‘Made in USA’ Claim

On February 8, a bill titled Reinforcing American-Made Products Act was proposed with bipartisan support in the Senate. The bill amends Title 15 U.S.C. 45a with respect to labeling products with Made in the USA or Made in America claims. The proposed change would create a national standard for the use of Made in the USA (MUSA) claims to prevent patchwork regulations by states. The new standard would preempt any current state laws in place. A previous bill was passed in the Senate last year but lost its momentum when more pressing issues arose. Currently, MUSA claims are only allowed on products made in whole or using a substantial part from domestic origin. The proposed bill aims to tidy up what a MUSA claim means for the industry.

In tandem with this bill, the Federal Trade Association (FTA) has also proposed a rule in 2020 to restructure its long-standing enforcement policy for products with a MUSA claim to prevent companies from using foreign materials in their products.

Company News


A recent article in the online food magazine Toast Fried named Bonnie & Don Flavours as one of the Top Organic Food Companies in Canada. We’re grateful for the recognition and honored to bring delicious organic solutions to our customers! Reach out to our team to find your next organic flavor.

During 2020, Covid-19 magnified community struggles such as food insecurity and access to clean water, shelter, and clothing. We can help solve our community’s most pressing issues by owning and solving these challenges together, and that’s why we’re participating in the 2021 United Way campaign.

United Way of Battle Creek and the Kalamazoo Region dedicate time and funds to ensure organizations provide opportunities and services to people in need. Check out their 2020 Impact Report to learn more.

People helped by United Way organizations are part of our communities. They are our neighbors and fellow residents. Creating an ideal community – like a house – is tough to build alone. Sometimes you need a little help from your neighbors to raise the roof.
Together, we can change the story and transform the lives of those around us while delivering moments of joy to those who need it most.

The National Flavors team continues to grow, as we welcome:



Procurement Manager



R&D Technician


William “Russ”

PT QC Tech 1

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