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February 2020

Boost the Appeal of Functional Foods with Flavor

For many consumers, foods and beverages need to offer more than general nutrition. They’re looking for the presence of positive ingredients with potential health benefits. Foods with functional ingredients give people tools to proactively manage their health and customize their diet to meet their specific needs.

Functional ingredients are big business. Zion Market Research estimates sales will reach $100 million globally by 2025. Products like turmeric, ginger, apple cider vinegar, and kombucha show a fast, upward growth curve. Coffee infused with vitamins and desserts with added protein or probiotics are other recent entries gaining momentum with consumers.

But foods with functional benefits will only succeed in-market if they look and taste delicious. Flavors must work together with functional ingredients to deliver the experience consumers crave.

Flavor Pairings with Functional Ingredients

Flavor is an essential element of the overall product idea (and lends excitement to the story you’ll tell through marketing). As you evaluate functional benefits and choose the ingredients for a food or beverage, we recommend partnering with flavor chemists to get the right pairings for delicious results.

And since each functional food or beverage will have unique characteristics, we recommend following best practice guidelines for testing with your application and manufacturing process.

Functional Beverages

Fruit flavors, especially those with a true-to-fruit profile, complement consumer expectations for fresh, natural tastes.

With antioxidant ingredients, consider citrus like lime or astringent berry flavors like blueberry or cranberry to blend with the ingredients’ natural acidity.

For children’s functional beverages, sweet-sour blends like strawberry-kiwi or tropical fruits are familiar and popular.

Functional Frozen Desserts

Choose flavors for non-dairy bases like oat milk or coconut milk that build on the flavor notes inherent in the plant-based foundation of your frozen dessert.

Think about adding apple cinnamon, fudge brownie, or cookie butter to oat milk.

Coconut milk links with rum, pineapple, or raspberry.

With high-protein bases, flavors like chocolate or coffee can help balance the protein taste.

Functional Bakery Treats

Cinnamon, vanilla, and coconut are traditional flavors that amplify bakery aromas and tastes, especially with higher protein or gluten-free formulas.

Fun, sweet flavors like birthday cake, plantation praline, or coconut rum enhance the flavor complexity and taste appeal of functional items.

Functional Confections

The right flavor for functional candies depends upon the level of vitamins, minerals, or herbs. Often, choosing a flavor perceived as functional will provide a healthy halo to confections.

Green tea, peppermint, or chile extract flavor, for example, have health benefits to support the other ingredients.

The recognizable taste of fruit flavors like orange, banana, and blackberry are robust enough to pair with functional ingredients.

Our R&D team develops flavors that increase the consumer acceptance of functional foods.

Contact us to discuss your next project or start with a few samples of products we’ve developed and tested to perform well in your application.


You can easily order samples of the flavors mentioned in our feature article with a free Flavorush account. Samples ship within 24 hours, and you can download your tech docs on demand.

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Strawberry Kiwi9128Birthday Cake11533
Apple Cinnamon10530Plantation Praline11900
Fudge Brownie8897Coconut Rum13949
Cookie Butter12590Green Tea11883
Pineapple8826Chile Extract12572

Regulatory Update

Coronavirus & Our Food Chain

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has headlined the global news for the last month, and health authorities are doing extensive work to contain and decrease its effects. A few of the questions facing the food industry include:

Can the coronavirus be transferred via foods?

Can parcels imported from China contain the virus?

Although the scientific community only recently began collecting transmission data for COVID-19, they have more robust data and understanding of closely related viruses. The primary target for coronaviruses is the respiratory tract. The main known transmission routes are through:

“droplet infection” with emission by humans or animals into the air and then inhaled

“smear infection” where an infected hand touches the mucous membranes of the nose or eyes.

There is currently no evidence, with COVID-19 or other coronaviruses, that support the idea that they are spread via consumption or contact with dry surfaces. Good general hygiene, including hand-washing and proper food preparation, remain essential best practices. National Flavors, LLC, continues to focus on providing our customers with the safest and highest quality items. We promise to always follow Good Manufacturing Practices throughout our facility and processes, from receiving to shipping, to alleviate any potential risks for contaminants.

For more information, please click below or reach out to our regulatory team.

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We’re also dusting off our dodgeball skills to participate in the Dodge Heart Disease Tournament for the American Heart Association on March 6th.

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