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January 2020

Introducing Calendar of Flavors: Your Guide for Seasonal Products

Introducing Calendar of Flavors

Exciting Tastes Year-Round

Seasonal flavors appeal to consumers by creating connections and elevating the taste experience.

Consumers associate seasonal flavors with freshness, nostalgia, and celebrations. Seasonal items evoke images of being homemade and carry associations with happy memories and tasty treats.

Limited-time-offers (LTOs) in a season entice consumers to try a flavor that may not be around long-term.

You can attract new customers with seasonal flavors and keep them curious about what’s coming up next!

You’ll find a Calendar of Flavors for each application on the Flavorush portal:

Frozen Desserts



Processed Fruits

Alcoholic Beverages

When you open your free Flavorush account, you can easily order samples of any product shown in the guides and get them shipped in 24 hours. You also gain access to tech docs on demand, including SDS, Kosher, tech data sheets, and GMO statements. FIDS are available for all TTB-approved flavors.

Ready to start planning delicious LTOs for your customers?

Download the Calendar of Flavors for your application and set up your FLAVORUSH account!

Regulatory Q&A

Is everything used in a natural flavor natural?

Everything that imparts flavor in natural flavors is required to adhere to the FDA’s guidelines and definition of a natural ingredient. A single flavor is many times a collection of natural ingredients such as the oil of fruit like oranges or lemons.

In addition to the ingredients that impart flavor, there are also non-flavoring ingredients that are added to allow the flavor to function more favorably in a finished product. Because of the strength and intensity of many compounds, a diluent is often required. A typical flavor formula might be water at 25%, ethyl alcohol at 35%, and flavor at 40% (the combination of essential oils, aromatic compounds, etc.)

The source of non-flavoring ingredients may be from synthetic sources or natural sources. These are listed on our labels in order of predominance.

Why are specific flavor ingredients not listed on the labels?

Flavoring ingredients are declared intellectual property of the manufacturer in lieu of patent protection, which is not available for flavor formulas. As a result, flavor manufacturers, including National Flavors, LLC, do not disclose individual components present in flavors. All the ingredients used in our flavors are approved for use in food as generally recognized as safe by the FDA or other reliable industry lists such as FEMA GRAS.

A reference to proper flavor labeling can be found in 21 CFR 101.22 (g).

How is safety ensured for flavor ingredients?

A new flavor ingredient cannot enter the U.S. food supply without first being determined to be safe, usually by the FEMA Expert Panel. This independent panel of experts evaluates which ingredients are safe under U.S. regulations. The expert panel includes six to eight scientific experts from prominent universities around the world who rely on scientific literature and research to evaluate a flavor’s safety. If they determine the flavor ingredient is generally recognized as safe under its conditions of use, the scientific rationale is submitted to the FDA. Information about the flavor ingredient becomes available for public review through a variety of sources, including websites and scientific journals.

If you have questions on how this information affects your products, please reach out to us.

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