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June 2020

What Makes a Summer Treat Perfectly Sweet? Refreshing Flavors!

As temperatures warm and days get longer, your customers head outdoors to hike, bike, boat, fish, and swim. Some may opt for quiet relaxation, lazing in the backyard hammock, or sipping cocktails on the patio. No matter which way they choose to enjoy summer, your customers look for flavors that refresh and boost their energy.

Summer flavors are essential to keeping customers interested in your brand, whether you’re offering a limited time offer (LTO) in the grocery channel or at your restaurant:


About one-third of consumers say their flavor preferences change with the seasons.


And 68% say they’re more likely to seek out a restaurant that offers new flavors.


80% of 18-34-year-olds look for new flavors!

Creating a Successful Summer LTO

Finding the flavors that sell during summer requires a little bit of science with a dash of psychology thrown in.


Consumers associate summer flavors with sour tastes like lemonade.


Sour stimulates salivation, which helps the body feel more hydrated.


More acidic flavors taste ‘bright’ or ‘perky’ – qualities customers associate with refreshment.


Summer flavors also tap into memories and familiar tastes of the season such as watermelon at picnics or juicy strawberries from the farmer’s market.

Customers respond to seasonal LTOs for several reasons:


You’re offering a flavor that they like, and because it’s only available for a short time, they’ll buy because they don’t want to miss out.


Your summer flavor may be new – like Prickly Pear – adding some excitement for customers to experience.

In addition to boosting your incremental sales, summer LTOs help your business longer-term by:


Building loyalty to your brand as customers return to try your new flavors.


Giving you a low-risk way to evaluate a new flavor; if it sells well, you can consider adding it to your everyday assortment.

Reward Your Customers and Your Bottom Line with a New Summertime Flavor Line-Up

Deliver joy with the summer flavors your customers crave! We’ve tested these flavors to deliver exceptional taste in frozen desserts, bakery, confections, dairy, and non-alcoholic beverages.


They’ll delight in the iconic taste of Watermelon, the familiar flavors of Cantaloupe and Honeydew, and the sweet-tart fun flavors of Pink Lemonade Margarita.


Offer your more adventurous customers our Natural Prickly Pear, a Southwest cactus summer fruit flavor with a refreshingly sweet taste and notes of watermelon, honeydew, and banana.



Cantaloupe (Melon)


Honeydew (Green Melon)


Prickly Pear


Pink Lemonade Margarita


Find Your Summer LTO Flavor!

TTB-approved Summer Assortment for Beverages

For beer, cider, hard seltzers, and spirits, choose from popular Watermelon and Lemonade flavors and the juicy tastes of favorite fruits – Strawberry and Blackberry.









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Regulatory News

FDA Provides Temporary Guidance for Relief of Supply Chain Disruption Due to COVID-19

At the end of May, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a temporary labeling guidance to assist with material shortages and supply chain disruptions due to COVID-19 within the food and beverage sector. Under the guidance, food manufacturers can use their existing labels when applying minor changes to their formulas, which would otherwise cause mandatory label changes.

 The FDA provides appropriate changes to formulas that fall under the scope of the guidance. Some of these changes include:


The ingredient is minor and is present at less than 2% of the formula.


The ingredient is not a major ingredient (characterizing) or a source for a label claim.


The ingredient does not affect the finished product in function or nutrition.

The scope of the guidance does apply to flavors when they are replaced with appropriate substitutes meeting the same common name; a natural flavor would need to be replaced with a natural flavor, and an artificial flavor must be replaced with an artificial flavor. If the flavor is a characterizing flavor or the source of an identity claim for a finished product, or has a standard of identity, such as vanilla extract, the flavor would not fit the scope of guidance and would require applicable label changes.

The FDA also communicates that per FALCPA (Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act), any ingredient change affecting allergen or sensitive ingredient presence in a product would require a modification to a manufacturer’s label.

The allowance of the temporary flexibility will cease with the discontinuation of COVID-19’s status of a national emergency.

For more information, see FDA’s policy guidance.

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Summer made it to Michigan! Later this month, we’re going to acknowledge our team’s commitment to delivering joy through flavor.

Although we continue to follow social distancing guidelines and wear PPE in our production and office areas, we’ll find a way to celebrate during our Employee Appreciation Luncheon. Delicious BBQ from Q-It Up and a few rounds of ‘non’ competitive cornhole outside our facility will fuel the fun!

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