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May 2020

Getting Back to Business

How Flavorush Can Help

This week most U.S. states are re-opening non-essential businesses either fully or regionally. Now, whether you’re a food manufacturer supplying the grocery channel or a foodservice company selling on-site, every industry is facing new challenges:

You’re focusing on having the right amount of products in the right places as consumer buying behavior changes.

Food manufacturers are racing to keep up with demand in the grocery channel. Food retailers saw sales for most center store foods, and alcoholic beverages continue to increase, up +26% last week vs. a year ago according to data from IRI. Gains are slowing from the mid-March peak but remain higher than most manufacturers forecasted.

Foodservice is striving to reinvent customer engagement. Although many consumers continue to buy from restaurants, revenues dropped from $65.4 billion in February to $32.4 billion in April. Adding in the lost foodservice sales from closed hotels, entertainment, education, and retail sectors takes the 2-month shortfall to around $80 billion. Delivery solutions, creative dine-in configurations, and new packaging options have become vital for foodservice.

You may be adjusting your product mix to align with shifts in flavor interest.


Consumers are turning to comforting flavors like chocolate, butter pecan, vanilla, and caramel.


Nostalgia for happier times has some looking for flavors of birthday cake, s’mores, and dreamsicle.


Food and beverage adventures have become surrogates for experiences, and consumers are starting to seek out summertime flavors like pina colada, passion fruit, mango, and key lime.


The perceived functional benefits and delicious flavors of blueberry, cherry, cocoa, and coffee extracts boost their appeal.

You’re facing pressure to retain loyalty and trust toward your brand as customers deal with fears and uncertainties about the future.


Brand loyalty centers around being responsive and delivering improvements or innovations that meet customer needs.


Trust increases when you demonstrate empathy, such as providing value instead of premium prices for customers with declining incomes.

Flavorush equips you to respond to the challenges of providing foods and beverages to your customers

Hundreds Of Flavors

Are available for you to evaluate through our free sampling program

We update our assortment quarterly to align with current consumer trends, and we test flavors in your application to identify the optimal usage rate and ensure great taste.

Technical Documentation

Supports product launches and is available on-demand 24/7.

We know that keeping product development moving is essential to delivering financial results to your company and joy to your customers.

Easily Compare Prices

Across flavor options to find the best fit for your budget.

Many of our products have low minimum order quantities to give you flexibility with promotional flavors or keep pace with fluctuations in customer demand.

Samples Ship in 24-hours

And when you’re ready to order, our 5-day lead time on most products improves your ability to get products to your customers.

With Flavorush, you’re in control. You can explore flavors, evaluate results, and get the documentation you need to offer the delicious, high-quality flavored foods and beverages your customers expect.

If you’re dealing with an unexpected change in demand or want to explore optimizing your assortment to meet customer needs, we’re here to help. Please contact our team at 800-525-2431.

Flavors Consumers are Craving – From Flavorush

Get samples of the flavors we highlighted in our feature article. While you’re logged in, search for new ideas, too!

Familiar Comfort

NF Product #

Butter Pecan
Chocolate Pudding


NF Product #

Key Lime
Passion Fruit
Pina Colada


NF Product #

Birthday Cake
Island Dreamsicle


NF Product #


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Regulatory News

Federal Guidance for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Over the last few months, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put priority in reviewing and approving the safety of regulated products, most relating to treatments for coronavirus-19 (COVID-19). Because of this, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) stepped up and focused on providing safety guidance to manufacturing and retail facilities.  Many of these documents will be a valuable tool for manufacturers to keep their employees and customers safe as state restrictions lift and employees return to work.

We continue to follow appropriate steps that align with CDC and OSHA guidelines. National Flavors remains committed to fulfilling our pledge to ensure employee safety while delivering information and quality products to customers that meet our rigorous standards. Links below will take you guidance documents that we feel are most applicable for businesses, including specific guidance that provides direction for reopening your facility.

Please reach out to us if you have further questions.

Inside National

Our production teams have been working consistently since Michigan’s stay-at-home order started in mid-March. But now our remote teams are getting back to business.


This week Department Managers will be working with their teams to determine gradual return to work schedules to take place over the next few weeks


We’ll maintain our two-shift production plan until at least June 15th.

We’ll continue to:


Follow social distancing requirements throughout the facility.


Use appropriate PPC such as masks and gloves in compliance with local requirements.


Maintain best practice hygiene in accordance with CDC guidelines.


Employ temperature screening for all team members prior to entering our facility.


Stagger breaks and lunches to minimize the number of team members in common areas.


Sanitize the facility 3 times daily.

We’re looking forward to transitioning from daily Zoom meetings and reconnecting as a team. Throughout these changes, we remain focused on helping our customers deliver joy through flavor!

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